iGene Media is an eminent Visual Effects and Animation Company based out of India.

The promoters and the leaders of iGene have profound experience in the fields of Visual Effects, Animation, Feature Film Production and Education for the past 20 years. An agile player in the industry with quick turnaround for nearly a decade. iGene Media Solutions is headquartered in Singapore with production house based in India. A robust team of skilled VFX professionals, who are very well trained in the Industry-standard tools, Workflows and Pipeline.

iGene derives its name from Information-age Gene. A 24/7 VFX outsourcing company serving major clients across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

iGene is distinguished for its cutting-edge Visual Effects technology in Feature Films, Television Series (OTT), Commercials, Location Base Entertainment (LBE) content and VR projects. We offer Digital Visual Effects services such as Rotoscope, Paint and Match Move with an experienced team of in-house specialists for 2D Compositing and Matte Painting.

iGene's state of art production facility in India has been physically audited and certified by TPN. We have industry standard IT facilities and the Firewall management system in place for a smooth and seamless production control.

Our awe-inspiring team