Covering from character roto to the most complex hair details and crowd, iGene is efficient enough to handle various techniques to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, when the realistic action is required.

iGene can simplify and satisfy the compositor’s job very easily by covering the extreme motion blur of a moving object. For more flexibility of comp, we provide alpha mattes, channel render and spline files with proper naming structure as per the client requirement.


According to the Stereographers need, converting from 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery, we provide the best of roto break up for the character as well as background objects. Achieving a high volume of quality roto works is our strength.


iGene can provide precise roto mattes for 360° virtual reality content seamlessly stitched in mono or Stereo.


iGene can provide various techniques of matte extraction in roto and keying to produce clean and precise alpha mattes.


A determined and conscientious team which can precisely work with care and quality for all kind of paint needs such as Marker removal, Rig removal, unwanted elements paint out, entire character removal, element recreation and all your prep needs.


We have the complete talent pool of stereo paint artists who can generate high quality clean plate and sequential paint job to meet up the Stereographer’s requirement.


Our efficient team can clean up all kind of artifacts and capable of of handling high resolution footages in the VR stitched contents.


We have a robust team of tracking experts, who can handle tools meticulously to solve the complex movement of a camera or object in a shot. Also the team can solve the track even though the camera and lens details are not available.


The dedicated Rotomation artists can easily give solutions to a high complex character animation in a scene.


Understanding the story board concept of a scene and moving the camera accordingly to the Creative Director’s perception, the Layout artists can pre-judge the client’s expectation comfortably and meeting up the requirements on a tight deadlines.

De-aging specialists can brought back the old age of an actor or actress to a much younger version using various production techniques. Also proficient enough to work on digital fixing or beauty fixing in feature film or television series.

Creating Matte-paintings and green screen set extensions in a photo realistic look our matte paint artists are highly skilled for a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that not present at the filming location.

Our creative team of 2D compositors can merge multiple layers from separate sources into single images to create an illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene also matching the color, lighting and depth of focus to beautify the shot.

iGene is proud to share that our Digital Intermediate facility is equipped with Baselight - Two to help the needs of different types of clients. The colorist and Director of Photography have an elaborate color palette to explore the designed look.

We have a team of colorists who are industry renowned technicians with world class skill set to serve the quality conscious cinematographers.

The interiors of the Di suite is made with non-reflecting materials which emulates cinema theatre experience. The facility is secured with access control systems and clear, restricted access policies to ensure safety and confidentiality of the projects.

Some of the Interesting Features of Baselight - Two

  • Powerful Multi-Role System
  • Total Support for demanding workflows
  • A Completely Native approach
  • Uncompromising quality and performance


To respond to the highly specialized needs of post production houses, our iGENE DI suite is equipped with DP4K-P projector that is enhanced with several new components, the “First in South Asia”. They are capable of displaying 35 trillion colors which gives a huge workspace to work it has a dedicated 4K (4 x 3 GB/s) input board which enables playback of native 4K content. It also has a wide color gamut filter creates a wide gamut for accurate color matching. The high-contrast lens, the DP4K-P displays images with improved contrast.


It’s increasingly important for our customers to be able to work with multiple facilities and freelancers, not just locally but in the next city or even across the globe.

Baselight 5.0 brings a completely new approach to remote grading by allowing other sites with a Baselight system to view our Baselight scene while we are working on it.

Our clients and colleagues can browse the scene on their own, or we can lock them as we work, adding grades and other creative touches to the shots. Of course, any changes we make are instantly reflected on the systems and we can even choose to hand the controls over to another department to add some comments or marks to the scene - it’s a simple operation to pass the baton over, and to take it back again. The above facilities are secured with clear SSL policy.